Workforce Development / Training

Workforce Development / Training

Lemcon USA, from its 26,000 square foot Dallas facility — with indoor towers, classrooms, laboratory area and break-out rooms — offers the industry these and other training services:  

1. RAN commissioning and integration
2. Fiber optic install testing and repair
3. RF safety and awareness
4. Sweep testing
5. Ground testing
6. LMU install (Location Management Units)
7. OSHA 10 and OSHA 30
8. Tower climber certification
9. CPR, FirstAID

Lemcon USA has delivered over 50 training session programs (classes). The curriculum is either developed entirely by Lemcon USA staff, and/or co-developed with the client (ie, the OEM, General Contractor, etc). In the last several years, roughly 700 individuals have been trained in one of Lemcon’s programs.

We develop Customizable Module Training:

  • Program modules designed to suit client specific needs
  • PIM Test Training
  • Technology/Concept Driven (Installation, Workmanship/Quality, Safety)
  • OSHA 30-Hour
  • Equipment/Application Driven (LTE, Fiber Optics, Outdoor Small Cell, etc.)
  • Tower Rescue 
  • Advanced Understanding of Rigging & Rope
  • PM/CM Training