Lemcon Americas Staffing Services is managed by professionals from both the
telecommunications and recruiting industry, thereby bringing in-depth
knowledge and screening capability to the resource procurement process.
Our global company structure allows Lemcon Americas to comply with local staff
regulations enabling us to provide skilled, compliant resources at short notice.

  • Supporting Customer needs for both technical and non-technical staff
  • Long term and Short term assignments / contracts
  • Provide and / or Coordinate training for selected staff
  • Personnel supply: Expatriates and National for any phase of the project
  • Support and staff in country
  • Global Logistics support
  • Full Compliance legislation advise
  • Visas and work permit solutions
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Advice on local health and security issues

Among the staff we can deliver for you in North America: 

  • Project Managers
  • Field and Construction Managers¬†
  • Roll Out Managers
  • Site Acquisition Managers
  • CME Managers
  • Quality Managers & Engineers
  • Planning Managers & Engineers
  • TI Field Management
  • BSS Engineers
  • RAN Engineers
  • NSS Engineers
  • OSS Engineers
  • Cost Controllers
  • O&M Managers & Engineers

Please contact the appropriate national office if either needing such staff in North America. Candidates are encouraged to submit their applications to those same offices.