Site Management / Maintenance

Site Management / Maintenance

We have tools and systems to monitor and shepherd sites for others as well as the ability to quickly self-perform repairs during emergencies. We have stood up CoWs, CoLTs and other networks after disasters such as 9-11. We protect sites under unique and evolving threats for tower owners. 

We monitor, troubleshoot and repair and maintain network, equipment, and other telco assets for the owners and operators of these investments. 

In this area, we have a technical solution designed for mobile and fixed-lined operators with exceptional quality and reliability — together with network operators, we can monitor and manage all physical and critical cell-site elements remotely. 

The benefits of our solution and technicians include: 

Comprehensive environmental monitoring of temperature, humidity, infrastructure power consumption. Enables a fine granulated smart energy management which leads to a massive reduction of energy usage for e.g. cooling etc.

Universal monitoring via access control, video surveillance, motion detection and device theft detection. Reduces the risk of unauthorized access, unauthorized personal activities, theft and non approved activities. 

Knowing the exact state of all components at the remote sites — regardless of the equipment type, systems configuration, technology type, vendor/OEM, and/or age of same. Reduces explicitly the number of site visits and the MTTR.

Our solutions and work provide owners with Control, Customer Reporting and Benchmarking.