DAS / In-Building

DAS / In-Building

Lemcon Americas brings robust DAS past performance. In this space, we:

  • Finance projects and own the neutral host
  • RF design and turnkey build out the venue
  • Subcontract our installer labor to others

We approach this market together with a constellation of A&E companies, large General Contractors, investment banks and related financial institutions, specialty RF design shops, passive and active component OEMs, and other firms. The financing, organization of partners, and roles and responsibilities is different for each DAS project and opportunity. 

Carriers reply on us to develop realistic technical solutions (coverage) which do not cost a fortune to build and operate. Venue owners reply on us to help them navigate the financial and technical aspects of this investment to their property. Financial partners reply on our finding ripe opportunities and modeling out sensible long-term returns. Installers reply on our creating site-appropriate, installable designs as well as a professional work environment and schedule. 

Some examples of our work in DAS includes:

  • For Transit Wireless NYCTA, largest DAS in the world, we ran four (4) installation crews, comprising approximately 30 installation technicians, troubleshoot technical issues, and provide on-the-spot and over-the-shoulder training to others and played a key role in bringing some 30 subway stations on-line.
  • We provided installation performance and oversight at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Headquarters/Ronald Reagan International Trade and Convention Center, a venue will over one million square feet in space.
  • We delivered an indoor/outdoor network covering three Quinnipiac University campuses.