Antenna & Line / Ground & Tower

Antenna & Line / Ground & Tower

Lemcon Americas offers you an above-average number of in-house ground and tower crews. From coaxial antenna feeder cables, to post-install fiber testing, to specialized microwave mountings, to equipment shelters—Lemcon delivers everything from brand new cell site build-outs, up to and including Tiger Team quality audits (ie, auditing, and fixing, work performed by other vendors). Whether on a tower, rooftop, or water tank, services here include:

1. Site Surveys

2. Engineering

3. Reconfiguration

4. Installation, Site Construction / Civil Works

We work on all transmission line (feeder system) types: pressurized (air) coaxial cable; unpressurized (foam) coaxial cable; elliptical waveguide; rectangular (rigid) waveguide; circular (rigid) waveguide

• Antenna and feeder line installation
• Ground testing
• Site acquisition and construction project management
• Complete new/greenfield site and co-location construction
• Cabinet installations (and cabling/wiring)
• Steel platform installation (we weld, follow stamped engineering drawings)
• Equipment shelter installations
• Concrete work
• Abatement (i.e. removal of lead paint, asbestos, etc.)
• Electrical

5. COWs/COLTs (deployables)

• Vehicle and equipment maintenance
• Coordinating emergency communications needs with carriers and municipalities
• Temporary connectivity solutions for special events

6. Maintenance

• Guyed, monopole, rotating, and self-supporting towers
• Inspections, repairs and equipment replacement
• Anchor replacement and cathodic (corrosion) protection
• Deconstruction and guy wire treatment
• Lighting protection and relamping
• Pole change-outs and transfers
• Refurbishment, restructuring and storm damage repairs
• Foundation and grounding replacement work
• Guy wire tensioning and realignment
• Inspection of risk of twist and sway (tower twist)
• Structural analysis and upgrades
• Security systems, site-hardening, alarms and remote monitoring

7. Quality Assurance

• Sweep testing
• Ultrasonic inspection
• Verification, testing and troubleshooting

8. Tower (structural) modifications