The Lemcon Family of Companies

The Lemcon Family of Companies

Lemcon-Americas consists of the telecom operations of Lemcon North America and Lemcon Latin America — operations owned by a holding company, Blue Skies Networks. 

Under the banner of Lemcon-Americas are some 300+ employees (with 100+ tower/field staff in U.S.) and 12 offices in five (5) nations. 

These deployment offices house RF Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Manager, Tower Crews and Administrators that self-perform work for most every Tier-1 carrier, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Turf Vendor / Large General Contractor in North and South America. 

Broadly speaking, our international market offerings fall into these categories:

  1. Network Services: Tailored to support Network Integration, Managed services, Network planning and optimization.
  2. IT Services: Tailored to implement high quality end-to-end IT network solutions with low investment costs.
  3. Project Services: Tailored to support large scale Turnkey projects with end-to-end solutions to suit our client’s needs.
  4. Staffing Services: Tailored to support projects with technical competent skilled resources in equipment or managerial.

In addition to building/installing and maintaining public and private wireless network infrastructure, through separate entities (ie, Capacity Wireless) various investments into — and acquisitions of — telcom assets take place.